Serranova is an ideal place to start to visit the Alto Salento as it is just a short distance from the main road that leads to popular locations both north and south. These include Ostuni, the white town, Lecce with its Baroque architecture, Polignano with its houses perched on the cliffs, Otranto and the famous cave of poetry, the Castellana caves, Alberobello with its magnificent “Trulli”, Selva di Fasano, Cisternino, Locorotondo, and Grottaglie. These places can all be reached in less than one hour by car.

For the more athletic, it is possible to rent a bike and venture out along the cycle paths among the ancient olive groves, real living monuments, or to try your hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing at Apani where the renowned Torre Guaceto Sailing Centre organizes courses for all age groups. Here the winds are generally “sideshore”, running parallel to the sandy beaches, ideal for learning, improving and enjoying the crystal-clear water.

Nearby there is also a riding school offering wonderful treks in the countryside or along the beaches.

Then there’s the sea with the Parco Costiero delle Dune (Dune Coastal Park) and its historical finds, the beautiful coves of the Costa Merlata and the nightlife of Santa Sabina with its fish restaurants.

Lastly, we couldn’t not mention the local gastronomy, fresh and genuine products and authentic flavours; fruit that really tastes of fruit, bread fresh from wood-fired ovens, ‘orecchiette’ pasta, fresh pasta and of course the delicious ‘bombette’...